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DESIGN WEEK is an annual event in Lithuania dedicated to building business relationships while synthesizing insightful solutions, original ideas and professional performance while highlighting the value of good design. All the latest artwork, concepts and products are welcome to join the festival in various forms. This year the festival will take place on June 5 – 11th.


  • In the last decade Design Week became a traditional and the ultimate design event in the whole country.
  • The festival is well-known and has already earned its reputation in the design field.
  • Design week takes place in six different cities in Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Alytus, Telšiai and Anykščiai.
  • The festival is organized by a professional organization Lithuanian Design Forum with a long-term experience
  • The festival’s primary purpose is to collaborate with local designers, national and educational institutions, embassies and design representatives from other countries while contributing to new business connections.
  • Design Week in Lithuania has an objective and creative audience that helps to generate a significant compass of customers and patrons, providing new future collaborations.
  • Frequent festival communication pursuee that your brand or event is well promoted.


Until 2023 April 15th

We invite you to apply for Design Week ’23. All the tardy participants will be double taxed.

2023 June 5 – 11th

Design Week is taking place.


#challenges theme is the organizer’s invitation to face the provocations while searching for creative solutions to everyday problems. Published by Pantone, the color of this year and also of Design Week is “An unconventional shade for an unconventional time.”

The festival’s image is inspired by Euclid’s Devine proportion used in design, architecture and other arts. It remembers that the design starts either with mathematics or mathematics disguised in philosophy.


  • – a designer showcase or exposure in the showcases and spaces of cafes or shops in the city center. Duration of exposure – 7 days.
  • Exhibition – designer, artist or joint exhibition of creators in a gallery, museum or any other space.
  • Exposition – products of companies, design studios in showcases or showrooms and studios. Duration – 7 days.
  • Event – a separate presentation, workshop, exhibition opening, discussion, conference, etc., organized by the participant. At the chosen location at the exact scheduled time.
  • Exposition, excursion or a creative workshop – an excursion or creative workshop organized by the participant to companies or design studios that want to present existing production technologies.


* All expositions and events of the festival participants are included in the electronic festival program.

**The number of applications submitted by one participant is not limited.

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