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It is a 7-day design exhibition displayed across various venues in the city. Designers participating in this initiative have a unique opportunity to exhibit their work, while companies can spotlight their original identity, product packaging or design history in showcases located in city cafes, galleries, bookstores, shops and institutions. This transforms the city streets into a dynamic public exhibition of Lithuanian design throughout the entire week, with vibrant festival decorations on display, unmistakably signaling the festival’s presence.

Who can participate?

Participation is open to anyone who can showcase a design product within a shop window.


It is a 7-day presentation of the products of companies, brands and design studios. The advantage of this form of participation is that almost all companies with their own exhibition spaces or spaces that can easily be adapted for exhibitions can participate.n And their visitors can become new potential customers. This is an excellent opportunity to re-present the product, appear to new buyers and become part of the biggest design event in Lithuania.

We invite you to exhibit product and industrial design and be noticed!

Who can participate?

This form encompasses participant-organized exhibitions, whether in live or virtual formats. These exhibitions may include events hosted by museums, galleries, companies, brands or design studios in all Lithuanian cities where Design Week takes place.

Commercial exhibition

It’s a 7-day commercial showcase featuring companies, brands, and design studios. The key advantage of this participation format is its inclusivity, welcoming nearly all companies with their own exhibition space or easily adaptable areas. Moreover, it offers a platform for new potential clients to attend as visitors. This presents an excellent opportunity to reintroduce your products, introduce yourself to new buyers, and be a part of the largest Lithuanian design event.

Who can participate?

The format is tailored for companies that manage interior or other studios, shops.

Tour / Open door

This offers a chance to host an open day or organize a tour of design studios or factories, providing a firsthand experience of the intricacies of design production and the demonstration of cutting-edge technologies.

Who can participate?

The format is suitable for a diverse range of businesses, workshops, or creative studios.


This participation format encompasses all direct or virtual events organized by the participant to showcase their brand at the specified time. These events can include discussions, exhibition openings, parties, or conferences.

Who can participate and in what kind of forms?

The event is open to anyone organizing events at a specified time, either live or via webcast. This can encompass various forms, such as:

  • Live or virtual consultations by designers, architects, or other specialists.
  • Company presentations aimed at recruiting trainees or employees (in this case the invitations can be shared by organizers with educational institutions, interior designers, and architects).
  • Brunches, dinners, or parties.
  • Presentations of collections.
  • Sales of collections.
  • Design Challenges.
  • Launch parties for the latest collections.
  • Designer breakfasts/brunches or dinner meetings.
  • Showroom openings.
  • Exhibition openings.
  • Discussions.
  • Other creative activities aimed at fostering collaboration or attracting clients.

The application deadline is until 2024 April 30 (inclusive). The organizers do not undertake to include later submitted applications in the e-catalogue version. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

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