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WORTH partnership project and RE-FREAM: info session

May 9 14.00 an info session will be held at Demoroom (T. Ševčenkos St. 16i, Vilnius) in order to present two European initiatives: WORTH partnership project and Re-Fream.

The European Community is searching for designers, craftspeople, artists, technologists and SME manufacturers to develop projects and products in the arts and lifestyle sectors through these two initiatives.

WORTH Partnership Project is dedicated to supporting innovative ideas in the fashion and lifestyle industries: footwear, furniture and home decoration, leather and fur, fashion and textile jewellery and accessories. WORTH provides designers, SME manufacturers, craftspeople and technology firms with a platform to develop creative concepts and an opportunity to enter into a transnational partnership. Backed by the European Union, WORTH offers participants coaching, market positioning, networking, €10,000 in seed funding and an international product showcase.

Re-Fream is looking for artists, designers and artisans who will receive €55,000 to co-create innovative fashion pieces together with researchers by implementing everything from 3D-printing, electronics on textiles and eco-finishing to innovative fashion pieces.

A presentation of open calls will be followed by a demo where we will navigate with examples on how to apply to these European initiatives with successful submissions, lasting about one hour with Lucas Frochoso, a Spanish industrial designer with years of experience in 3D modelling, product development, manufacturing design and project managing.

Event language: English.

Prior registration is necessary:

Venue: Demoroom, T. Ševčenkos St. 16i, Vilnius

Date: May 9, 14.00

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